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How to Join Text in Excel

I often get asked "How do I join two cells in Excel?", for example cell A1 contains someone's first name (i.e. Brian) and cell B1 contains someone's last name (i.e. Snodgrass). How do you get their full name into cell c1.

the answer lies with the & character. This joins (technically known as concatenation) two cells (or values) together. So the formula we would enter in cell C1 would be:


though this would give the two names joined together without a space between E.G. BrianSnodgrass. If you want a space you just need to join one in surrounded by " " like this:

=A1& " " & B1

which gives Brian Snodgrass

Not only spaces can be placed between quotes, but any text you like so you could build a formula like this:

="The hero of the story is: " & A1& " " & B1

which gives The hero of the story is Brian Snodgrass.

Complex descriptions can be built using & to join text and "" to show text we want to appear on the spreadsheet. Try it out for yourself.

Chris Shepherd

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