Microsoft Access Office VB VBA Help and Examples
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Access Examples and Help

The menu above points to our sections on access.

There still remains a lot of mysticism about access and people think oh it's far too complicated for me. But with a little practice you will soon gain a mastery over one of Microsoft's most useful products.

If you can't find something then try the search. It's a full text index so use normal words and wherever possible I've tried to include words that I think people will use as well as what is common practice.

If you still can't find what you want (and please try to search properly) then contact Email Help for Access and VBA problems or Email Chris for Excel problems, and we'll try to respond as quickly as possible. If I think that something is worth telling everyone the answer to I'll put it up on the page. The final goal of this page is to be a huge repository of information for all levels of access users.

I'm open to comment and if you think something can be explained a better way then let me know by using the Email Webmaster page.    

  • Access General is a list of everything that would not fit into the other sections
  • Access Queries lots of example queries and how to get the information from your data
  • Access Forms All about forms and how to make data entry a much more enjoyable experience
  • Access Reports Displaying data in reports and lots of helpful report tricks
  • Access Modules Pure code stuff. Feeling adventurous???
  • Access Rants The trouble with access is.....this section deals with some very well known problems with access
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