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Fill a Combo Box with a List of Reports

This piece of code shows you how to fill a combo box with a list of reports within the current database.

Create a form and put an unbound combobox on the from and call it ReportList. Then put the following code in the form open event.

Private Sub Form_Open(Cancel As Integer)
    Dim Dbs As Database
    Dim Rpc As Container
    Dim Rpt As Document
    Set Dbs = CurrentDb
    Set Rpc = Dbs.Containers!Reports
    For Each Rpt In Rpc.Documents
        ReportList.RowSource = ReportList.RowSource & Rpt.Name & ";"
    Set Dbs = Nothing
    Set Rpc = Nothing
    Set Rpt = Nothing
End Sub

After the form loads you'll have a combobox with a list of the reports available. Once a user has selected a report you could have a button which opens the report or prints it maybe. To find out the report name just use Me.[ReportList].Value

Alternatively if you want to be a little smarter. Just put a listbox on a form and set it's rowsource to :-

SELECT Name FROM msysobjects WHERE (((msysobjects.Type)=-32764));
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